Strength and Conditioning
+ Sports Medicine

First-class facilities are not only vital to attracting the nation’s best and brightest, but are also needed to equip them with the necessary tools to pursue their scholastic and athletic goals. Our student-athletes spend an incredible amount of time studying, training, and preparing themselves for school and competition. Among our priorities for the Cintas Center renovation are:

  • New Weight Room- When the Cintas Center was constructed 15 years ago, the original weight room was designed for Xavier’s three court sports totaling approximately 45 student-athletes. Today, nearly 300 student-athletes use this space, and a larger, updated weight room is key to Xavier’s continued success. 
  • Upgraded Training Room - Much like the weight room, Xavier has not had an opportunity to expand its training room to accommodate the needs of current and future student-athletes. Although upgrades have been made to our training room equipment over the years, it is key that our training staff has the necessary renovations to care for all our Xavier student-athletes.