When do I pay for my season tickets?

Season ticket holders for the 2016-17 season will not have to make any payments prior to selecting their new seats for the 2017-18 season.  Anyone who was NOT a men’s basketball season ticket holder for 2016-17 must pay a $100 per seat deposit by March 31 to receive an appointment time for the New Seat Selection process.  The deposit is not required for returning season ticket holders.

Why is the new seat selection process necessary?

The Cintas Center renovations will affect the capacity within the arena by adding additional seats. Some sections will lose seats, while other new sections will be added. These upgrades will cause a new seating manifest to be created for the 2017-2018 season. Because some seats will no longer exist, the most fair and equitable way to determine seat locations is to hold a new seat selection process for the Cintas Center based on Musketeer Points.

How can I improve my Musketeer Points ranking?

Increase your current support of Xavier student-athletes through All For One Fund donations. Move up in your annual giving level and receive bonus Musketeer Points, or recruit new All For One Fund members and receive bonus Musketeer Points. You can also earn points by purchasing season tickets to women’s basketball or by purchasing BIG EAST Tournament tickets through the Xavier Athletics Ticket Office. Also remember, a planned gift to Xavier Athletics is a great way to earn a lump sum of Musketeer Points while also having a lasting impact on Xavier student-athletes.

What if I miss my appointment time? What if I am unavailable at my appointment time?

Those who miss their scheduled appointment time may choose their seats at any time after their appointment time has passed. If you know you will be unavailable to select your seats during your appointment time, you may designate a proxy to choose for you. You will be required to fill out a proxy form and mail it back to the Xavier Athletics Ticket Office. Please note that if you miss your scheduled appointment time, other season ticket holders will select seats at their appointment times and preferred seats may not be available.


All fans will now have an opportunity to receive game day parking. If you already have parking, you now have the opportunity to upgrade and park closer to the Cintas Center. Xavier Athletics will also continue to run the complimentary golf cart shuttles for your convenience.

How can I pay for my season tickets?

When you select your new seats during the New Seat Selection process in the summer of 2017, you’ll make a payment toward your total ticket cost.  You’ll have the ability to pay in full, pay half of the total amount due, or break your total amount into monthly installments, with final payments due by October 1, 2017.  Since you will have to make a payment immediately upon selection, checks or cash will only be accepted for in-person selections.  For selections online or over the phone, payment must be made via credit card or checking account transfer (EFT). 

Why do only gifts to Xavier Athletics count toward Musketeer Points?

Every gift to Xavier is important. We always encourage alumni and donors to support areas and programs in which they are interested.

While Athletics is a visible part of Xavier, the University's finances are focused on academic programs. With this in mind, it is an important and expected goal for Xavier Athletics to be self-sustaining in the future, allowing financial resources to be used elsewhere on campus. To accomplish this, Athletics will rely on ticket revenue, private donations and other external funds.

Donors making gifts to Xavier may designate their support to any area of campus. Given the self-funding requirement, athletics benefits such as basketball seating and parking will be prioritized to All For One Fund donors.

Can I select the same seats I have always sat in?

If the seats are available at the time of your scheduled appointment, you will be able to select and purchase the same seat location you have had in previous seasons. Remember though, because of the renovations and new seating configuration, your seat location from past years may no longer exist.

Will I purchase season tickets and make a per-seat donation during the new seat selection process?

You will have several payment options when you select your new seats during the seat selection process, but a per-seat deposit will be due upon selection. Full donation and ticket payment will be due November 1, 2017.

If I did not have season tickets last year, how do I get involved in the new seat selection process?

You can get involved in the new seat selection process by making a $100 per-seat, non-refundable deposit by March 1, 2017. After making your season ticket deposit, any donations to the All For One Fund will help to increase your Musketeer Points rank, therefore giving you an earlier selection time.

Will I be able to select seats with my friends?

Yes. Groups can arrange a selection time together. The group will be required to fill out the group seating form and return it to the Xavier Athletics Ticket Office. In fairness to all Xavier fans, group appointment times will be assigned based on the group member with the lowest amount of Musketeer Points. The group contact person will select seats for all members of the group during the scheduled appointment time.

Can I pass my seats to a family member or friend?

Yes. For more information on how the process works, please contact the Xavier Athletics Ticket Office (513) 745-3411 x7.

What other schools have done a similar process for their arenas? 

Numerous schools, including Illinois, Purdue and Louisville have upgraded their arenas causing a structural change to the seating manifest. And, like Xavier, these upgrades forced a new seat selection process to their arenas. There are also a multitude of schools that re-seat their arenas on a recurring basis. Indiana, West Virginia, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan State, and Marquette re-seat their arenas, ranging in frequency from annually to every 4 years as a way to encourage fan support. The Xavier Athletics Department does not plan on doing a recurring new seat selection process following the Cintas Center renovations.

How do I know if my Musketeer Points are active? 

All current season ticket holders for men’s or women’s basketball, and current All For One Fund donors have active points. Musketeer Points must be active to be used for ticket and donor benefits. You can reactivate your points by donating to the All For One Fund or becoming a season ticket holder for men’s or women’s basketball for the current season.