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Project Overview - A word from the AD

Although many great memories stand out from my first two years, what sets Xavier apart is the strong sense of community, a community that has been an integral part of our successful move to the BIG EAST.

By now, I hope you have seen or heard about MAGIS, the strategic plan for Xavier Athletics. A key part of the plan is updating the Cintas Center, the front porch for all of Xavier and a competitive advantage for our 18 teams. Providing our student-athletes with up-to-date academic, sports medicine and strength and conditioning spaces is our initial priority in the long-term Cintas Center renovation.

Once the student-athlete areas are improved and expanded, work will begin in the arena itself. We have identified a handful of projects that will impact our seating configuration and hospitality areas. A few sections will decrease in size because of changes, while a handful of exciting new seating areas will emerge. Ultimately, capacity for the Cintas Center will increase slightly to 10,370, but the lower bowl seating capacity will be reduced by roughly 100 seats.

These changes to the Cintas Center will require fans to select new seats for the 2017- 2018 men’s basketball season. We are aware that selecting new seats is a significant issue for fans, so establishing a transparent and fair process is paramount.

We believe the upgrades to the Cintas Center are vital to the future success of Xavier Athletics. This brochure outlines the new seat selection plan, and will assist you in making preparations in the coming years. We thank you for your continued support as we strive to enhance the Cintas Center for our student-athletes and you, our most loyal fans.

Go X!


Greg Christopher
Athletic Director

Enhancements to the Cintas Center

How could a Xavier game get any better? By enhancing the Cintas Center, our goal is to provide Xavier fans with the ultimate game day experience. Enjoy exciting new hospitality spaces along with unique seating areas throughout the Cintas Center.



Xavier Athletics must always strive for continuous growth and improvement, to do more and do better: for our student-athletes, for our University, for our alumni, for our community. Addressing the needs of the Cintas Center and enhancing the experience of all who come through its doors is central to our goals of positively impacting those around us.


Xavier student-athletes are our most important resource. Providing them with the facilities, experiences, and opportunities for them to be successful in all facets of their lives is at the core of this three-part investment. An enhanced academic center will provide an opportunity to study and learn more efficiently. The new strength and conditioning room will deliver much-needed space for our nearly 300 student-athletes to train for competition, and the expanded training and rehab space will provide the needed room to care for our student-athletes and get them back to 100%.


Through the continuous passion and generosity of Xavier Nation, we have built a national brand. Our goal is to continue this upward trend, and to do so we must make an investment in the fan experience at Cintas Center. Whether it is the first time someone walks in to the Cintas Center or the one thousandth time, the experience they have is a fundamental part of Xavier Athletics. We have added new seating areas and upgraded others, and we have created 4 additional hospitality spaces to enhance the game day experience for all Xavier fans.



Maintaining our
Home Court

Just like you, we are proud to call the Cintas Center our home, and we enjoying showing it off on the national stage. It is 15 years old, and a vital part of this overarching plan is to make sure that the Cintas Center always puts its best foot forward. Investments to the building will be made that they may not be as noticeable as others, but are vital to the day-to-day operations including adequate storage space, improved lighting and enhanced safety features for our staff and fans. Maintenance and general upkeep may not have the same appeal as a new strength and conditioning room, but they are key to helping us reach our ultimate goals.